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Leading capabilities, better buying experiences.

Improve SEO and customer experience for all your customer segments with built-in wholesale functionality on both the front and back-end.

Transform Your B2B Shopping Experience. Introducing BigCommerce B2B Edition.

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Wholesale channel management without the hassle

Single front and back-end experience

Consolidate your retail and wholesale channels on to a single site and back-end. Use a BigCommerce landing page to source new wholesale clients, and customize your site for their product and price needs when they login.

Automated customer group management

Assign wholesale customers to unique customer groups to automatically customize their site experience, including unique pricing, products, re-ordering and approval processes.

Built-in price list functionality for client customization

Customize prices and discounts down to the unique SKU for every individual client with BigCommerce’s built-in price list. Easily assign new price lists to customer groups, or single wholesale accounts.

Questions about how we can help your business?

Our sales and support teams are available via phone, live chat and email.

B2B Edition wins 24/24 medals in 2023 Paradigm B2B Combine.

Wholesale Case Studies

Case study

The Beer Bat

The Beer Bat Hits an Ecommerce Home Run with BigCommerce

Case study

Casey's Distributing

Discover how Casey's Distributing sells wholesale sports memorabilia to over 2k retailers while managing over 50k SKUs per year.

Case study


Learn how TYGRIS pioneered selling B2B online and increased revenue by 138%.

Critical features, right out of the box

Wholesale customers shop differently than retail customers. Due to bulk order sizes and approval processes, wholesale customers need specific payment options and site experiences — both of which are supported by our platform.

Simplified segmentation

Faceted search built off of Elasticsearch, including custom field support for refined searching. We also partner with Nextopia, and punchout tools including PunchOut2Go.

Wholesale-specific payment solutions

Native CSR generated quote management and bulk pricing broken down to the SKU level for reach individual customer or customer group, with no caps.

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