Website check and SEO analysisWebsite Check and SEO Analysis

What does a website check and an SEO analysis need?

At the beginning of a project to optimize the web presence, there is always a website check and an SEO analysis. Thus, the actual status is raised both technically and in comparison to the competition. While Website Check only makes sense for existing websites to be optimized, the SEO analysis should be done on existing as well as on newly-programmed websites. For existing websites, the analysis helps to identify measures that can bring the homepage forward in the search engine. For new websites, the SEO analysis is an important measure to build from the beginning, the structure of the website properly and to plan the content optimally.

1st step: the website check

As the browser technologies and software systems are constantly changing, the own website also needs continuous adaptation and improvement.

If you want to optimize your existing website, the website check will help you to see which improvements are necessary and useful.

What is checked at the website check?

1. We check the technical structure of your existing website and see if there are mistakes in programming .

2. In addition, we check the performance and the data transfer and identify possible optimization potentials.

3. In addition, we evaluate the user-friendliness of the site in general and especially on mobile devices.

4. Furthermore, we check whether the website meets the legal requirements (eg imprint, data protection, cookies).

2nd step: the SEO analysis

For the targeted search engine optimization of one's own website, it is first of all essential to ascertain where the website stands compared to the competition in the keywords to be optimized.

Only when the goals for the search engine optimization are set can measures be planned and implemented.

Search engine optimization means among other things the concentration on single selected keywords. In order to determine this, a well-structured SEO analysis is required.

The SEO analysis is therefore a necessary measure before concrete optimization steps are planned.

What is being examined in the SEO analysis?

1. It checks how the ranking for the website looks in the search engine (ranking in individual keywords, number of pages in the search index, comparison in the global website ranking, eg Alexa ).

2. Then, search for keywords that have a high search volume and low competition to which the website should be optimized. It analyzes the Google searches in each keyword and analyzes the importance and strength of the top 10 websites in those keywords.

3. You will receive a summary of the analysis results from us and decide on which keywords you want to optimize the website in the future.

4. We recommend you to take reasonable measures for SEO optimization in the selected keywords.

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