Online Shop – 6 Tips for Successful Customer Loyalty

Online shop developmentOnline Shop - 6 Tips for Successful Customer Loyalty

The professional handling of customers in the web shop needs to be learned. Because not only in the shop count friendliness and the entrance to personal wishes. ECS Professionals offers six tips on how to address your customers online and how to help them make the right purchase decisions.

1. Personal welcome

A personal greeting creates an important prerequisite for a purchase in an online shop: The customer feels welcome. It is ideal to greet registered customers with the name - that sounds simple, but has a big impact on the conversion rate. But also new customers or not logged in customers should be considered and feel welcome on the pages.

2. Product recommendations

Offer customers matching items based on their search terms. Because individual product recommendations often hit the mark and give customers the feeling of enjoying a good and personal service. The trend is right there: "Curated Shopping" - personal shopping advice for customers. Helpful for the most appropriate proposals (and also for the customer a helpful feature): the ability to create a wishlist in the shop.

3. Small gifts

Complimenting an online customer is difficult. However, small gifts are a good substitute for them: for example, a ten percent discount as a welcome gift or for loyalty as a returning buyer. It is important that the customer receives a small attention for him from the online retailer.

4. Contact options

Customers want to have the opportunity to quickly and easily contact the online retailer. If he had to walk through the aisles to find someone in the store, he would put the product on a shelf and leave the store.

It behaves similarly in the online shop: If the customer can not ask directly on a short way, he clicks on "close page" and is gone. Direct response options without the customer having to search long for contact options are therefore very advantageous. An e-mail address with a clearly defined response time or better a phone number (under which someone is always available at business hours) or a live chat, are optimal contact options.

5. Product additions and easy ordering processes

Products that provide additional information can motivate customers to make an additional purchase: "Our tip: Did you know that product X is also suitable for XYZ?"

A well-thought-out service that makes it easier for customers to reach the cash register is enormously important: clear shopping carts, short and clear ordering processes, pre-filled forms.

6. Service after the purchase

After the purchase is before the next purchase. Online merchants should provide customers with a good and personalized service even after clicking on "buy". These include, for example, a pleasing order confirmation, a delivery announcement and a link to the tracking and the question of satisfaction with the service and a rating.


Web shops expand the offline business and offer versatile usage options. They can be used as an additional sales channel for the existing product portfolio or open up a new market branch with completely different products. Used properly, they serve as a simple communication tool for greater customer satisfaction.

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