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The product configurator is software, services and support for customers with a configuration supplied with manufacturers of any size, with a dynamic, intensively used business model configuration in automotive and office furniture, as well as specialized manufacturers of industrial and office equipment.

More and more companies are abandoning the standard offer presented as a catalog in favor of customizable configurators that allow customers to quickly create a product that meets their expectations and also increase the competitive advantages of companies, increasing the effectiveness of their quoting, pricing, order management, production, distribution and other key processes.

Interactive configurators help customers create products from different elements. The basic idea is to present the final product to customers and at the same time be able to sell different items. The thing is that the client should not represent the end result in his head and select separately the elements for which the client can not be sure whether they will fit well.


Product Configurator for Shopware

Product Configurator Benefits

- Advanced, flexible customization of the product options on the page;

- Creation of dependent groups of options, dynamic change of a set of options in a group, depending on already selected other options;

- There is no need to create standard variants of the product (variants), optimized fast update of page content after selecting an option;

- The ability to represent one product as a set of other products or parts;

- Visualization of selected options with the help of pre-installed product images or a special area for schematic display of graphic components;

- Optimized arrangement of information blocks on the page, additional dynamic elements for convenience and informativity;

- Ability to change the template of the page at the request of the customer, adapt to the existing design, add new functionality or modify the existing one;

- The ability to import data from formats xls, csv with the automated creation and updating of the configuration of the final products;

- Supported versions of Shopware: 5.2.12 and up to 5.3.7 inclusive

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