ECS Professionals brings the multi-shop system to market and allows multiple shops to be managed from one database. With the help of the multistore solution, you as an administrator can create and manage as many shops or frontends as well as malls as you like. Each shop gets its own name as well as domain or subdomain.

If you already operate an online shop, we can transfer your previous article, customer and order data to the Multishop.


  • Assignment of categories according to frontend / shop.
  • Assignment of products depending on frontend / shop.
  • Assignment of banners according to frontend / shop.
  • Assignment of shipping options depending on frontend / shop.
  • Assignment of payment options depending on the frontend / shop.
  • Assignment of info pages (such as imprint, terms and conditions etc) depending on the frontend / shop.
  • Management over VAT depending on frontend / shop.
  • Management via vouchers according to frontend / shop.
  • Filter by customer depending on frontend / shop.
  • Filter orders based on frontend / shop.
  • Export / import interface depending on frontend / shop.
  • Setting of individual shop data like shop name, description etc.
  • Flexible customer account with access only in one shop or in all shops.
  • Individual emails according to frontend / shop.
  • Statistics according to frontend / shop.

Individual configuration is absolutely possible.


Contact us or send us your details. We are happy to discuss the procedure with you.

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