BigCommerce Launch Services

Speed up your time-to-market with specialized services and onboarding.

Solutions Architecting

With our Solutions Architecting Services, BigCommerce experts create the blueprint for integrating your systems into ours.

Overcome Complexity

What is the best way to overcome complexity in designing the intricate details of your ecommerce ecosystem? We believe having a BigCommerce Solutions Architect at your side is the best approach.

Design Confidently

A Solutions Architect helps you design a developer-ready ecommerce store you can be confident in. You’ll have someone working with you to analyze, assess, design, and document your store’s business and technical requirements.

Build Completely

Your Solutions Architect will combine your needs with our powerful resources to map the right tools and system integrations to build out your high-functioning, scalable ecommerce store.

Making a major web change and need help?

Data Migration Services

Masterfully migrate your critical and essential data when you leverage the expertise of our Data Migration Services team.

Move what matters

Our experts will work to preserve the integrity of your data from start to finish. Our job is to ensure you experience a clean and clear path to BigCommerce for your:

  • Customer Data
  • Product Data
  • Category Structure
  • Order History
  • Payment Tokens
  • Product Reviews

Experience one of the safest, fastest, and most efficient ways to migrate and launch your store on BigCommerce.

Making the move to BigCommerce?

Implementation Project Management

Launch your store with confidence and not compromise with an expert finely tuned to your critical and essential business needs and our BigCommerce platform.

Accelerate Time to Market

A dedicated launch manager will work with you on all aspects of your store migration and launch. Your launch timeline is our mission, which Is why BigCommerce customers, on average, launch in four months or less.

Personalized Launch Plan

Based on your business requirements, our launch manager will create a fully-customized launch plan designed around your business goals and KPIs, including all launch dependencies, including catalog transfer timelines, design dependencies, solution engineering, integrations, and more.

Perfect Partners

Need custom development or design help? No problem. Our launch manager will help you find the perfect BigCommerce partner to deliver the goods, on time and in budget.

Have a tight launch deadline you need to hit?

Enterprise Launch Package

Set up your store with confidence and get to your first sale faster with the help of an Enterprise Launch Coach.

Get your first sale faster

Get to and beyond your first sale fast by having an Enterprise Launch Coach teach you how to set up and optimize a fully functioning BigCommerce store.

We're certified experts

Every Enterprise Launch Coach is certified in several digital marketing disciplines:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

We'll help you get set up for success

With our Enterprise Launch Package, an intensive, highly interactive series of 20 live webinar coaching sessions, your team will gain relevant, real-time, hands-on experience on how best to set up the BigCommerce platform for things such as: 

  • Google Shopping
  • Paid Advertising
  • Mobile site-speed optimization
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-channel marketing techniques

Find the launch package that’s right for you.

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