How to optimize your website and make it attractive to Google

SEO is the most important thing in online marketing these days. If you run a website or blog in a specific niche, SEO is the biggest source of traffic. When you start a new website or blog, you need to make sure your site is SEO friendly.

Otherwise, you will not receive traffic and your site will not be as successful as you wish.

The good thing about WordPress Optimization is that you can easily make your website easier to find. To do this, you need to understand how SEO works and how you can use it to your advantage. There are many aspects of SEO (for example, social media are now given a much higher weighting than before). Optimizing your website is a fundamental step.

With a little help from WordPress, your website will be much more visible on the WWW in a short time.

Use the correct page structure

If you're using the default WordPress page structure setting, you're probably losing important traffic. Most WordPress sites work great out of the box. But you should change the page structure to make it easier to index. Google sends its bots over all websites and creates an index with all information on it.

The bots create a cache of your website on the Google server and it will appear in the search results. A website that is more easily understood by the search bot will appear more frequently in the search results. If you give your pages the right name, the bots understand them better. However, with the default naming conventions, the pages have names like p = 155. That's not helpful at all. The Bot learns nothing about the content and the index gets worse.

Make sure the pages are named correctly. A page with a url ending in "p = 231" is bad, but an ending like "google-should-like-your-side" is good.

Create a sitemap

Do you want Google bots to work better on your site? Then give them a card. A sitemap is a great way to tell search engines where to find something on your site. Thanks to various plug-ins, this is not difficult. Install a plug-in like Google XML Sitemap and you're done. This is one of the top rated plug-ins and important for optimizing WordPress. The best part is that it is very easy to use and generates complete sitemaps. These will help you on all major search engines like Google and Bing.

Avoid Black Hat SEO Tricks

We can not stress this point enough. There are some tricks that Google does not like. If you use these tricks, you will be severely punished. There is a risk that they will rank so badly that nobody will find you. The fastest way to get blocked is to use backlinks. If you create unnecessary backlinks just to get traffic, then the visibility of your website crashes in the search results. It does not matter how big or popular your site is. Google enforces its rules very strictly.

Bring your website forward in search results by providing up-to-date content. Once you have good content and apply the allowed SEO techniques, you will see an improvement in your traffic.

Create good captions and file names for your images

Images are also a big factor in search results, but are often overlooked in WordPress optimization. If you do not give the correct caption or file name, then Google can not understand what's in the picture. Instead of providing your pictures with numbers, you should give a meaningful name. The old day is also very important and is often ignored. However, search engine bots pay attention to the old tags and the right day will give you an edge.

Use the right theme and the right plug-ins

Themes and plug-ins are our most popular WordPress service. You can use them to complete your WordPress optimization and get your page in the first hits.

There are many themes optimized for SEO. These themes do this by focusing on SEO right from the start. This ensures that every component of the website is optimized for Google's liking. Also make sure that your website is fast. If your theme takes too long to load, it will negatively impact search site space.

There are also many plug-ins that help you with SEO. We already mentioned Google XML sitemaps, but there are many more. Google Analytics is always an important tool when it comes to SEO, and the Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress makes it easy to see and understand the statistics.

If you want to automate something more, then you are well served with All in One SEO Pack. The aptly named plug-in will help you with almost anything that has to do with optimizing WordPress. You will find many tools (including Sitemaps and Google Analytics) and in-depth features in it. For example, you can edit the meta tags, and the plug-in even creates appropriate meta tags based on your content. Even the titles are automatically adjusted to make them SEO friendly.

After you've done all of the above, you can focus on what you're content with. Remember that content is king. If you create good content, then your site will jump up in the search results. With bad content, it goes in the other direction. Social media is also important and a healthy combination of SEO, content and social media will make your website a real visitor magnet.

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