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ECS PROFESSIONALS AGENCYGoogle has updated its search algorithms again. If you are already familiar with the work of search engines ,  just read the last paragraph.

For many business people it is important:  how well are their companies offering the most successful  search for business in the world? Of course, this does not mean that searching by the name of the relevant supplier will be too easy. No, this is, for example, a search for a product such as “trapezoidal covering” or services such as “laying the floor in Leeds”.

We all know this from our own search behavior. You look at the search results on the first page in Google and possibly on the second. But then it has to do with it.

Google ranking

This means that potential customers do not even see the proposals that did not hit the top 15-20 in this ranking, that is, in those places on the search list. Of course,  in the Google Advertising  also is on the rise, but Google will charge, but the huge fees that have to be for a click on your ad. And click on advertising does not mean selling for a long time.

Naturally, our customers know how to get into search results. And they also feel it in sales, if the offer is true. More and more customers are making purchasing decisions based on results and comparing online searches. A good offer and a high rating in the Google ranking are two main conditions for the success of your business.

Search engine progress

If in the early years of the Internet 20 years ago, it was enough to hide a suitable keyword several times, the keyword for the advertised performance on the website is for the  search engine to  find out about the site and scan it. it changed a long time ago. In constantly updated search algorithms, Google improves search quality at increasingly short intervals.

Smart Internet researchers always recognize this as their own software. If the ranking of some of the major key suppliers in the product and media sector suddenly changes, the so-called company visibility dramatically decreases or increases, then Google has changed something again. In recent years, this has always been associated with the quality of the content that can be found on the site. Not only did the quality sites go up in the search results, but those that were of poor quality were even punished and thrown far down.

Content quality

What is the quality of “content” for Google? All the secrets of the algorithms are unlikely to be revealed, but several details can be sufficient for this text.

  1. How does the number of keywords related to a product or offer relate to the number of other descriptive and explanatory terms used on all websites on this topic? Behind these calculations, the measurement is simply hidden depending on the quality of the content. Is this explanatory and interesting, does it provide the reader with information and understanding, or just empty advertising phrases?
  2. What types and how many other sites in turn refer to this content? The results of calculations from point 1 are compared with this second axis.
  3. How many search queries exist, for which keyword, how popular is the information that should be hidden, so to speak?
  4. Do you find any other texts of a similar nature and topics on the site? So the site offers value or copies itself?
  5. Lyrics or very similar ones found on other sites were they written off? Or are technical terms used in the wrong context?
  6. Because the text is written in terms of grammar, sentence structure and spelling errors. Was it carelessly written, or was the author careful?

You can already see this from these few examples. The  Google search engine  is  very smart to distinguish well-written and informative content from pure clickers catchers. If you want to be at the top of the search bar without any special advertising costs for Google, there is only one choice:

Provide your  site with  high quality texts. Quality is the key to success. For example, your texts can be created by us.

Latest update from google

The latest Google update again confirms the trend of recent years. As calculations and studies have shown over the past few weeks, this time he caught suppliers who smuggled the mass use of synonyms and often searched for names. Thus, the well-known entertainment magazine fell by as much as 17.11% of visibility after Google now clearly recognizes that the name has disappeared as such.

Or simply explained:  if I tell you about the Academy awards, in the future there will be no point if I point out several times what famous stars and visitors were there, if I don’t have so much content. Search results are currently intensively adjusted to match the size of thematic relevance for the search query.

Combining synonyms with actual search intent or a brand or person involved, requests now end in receiving the desired brand or person, and not communicating superficially. The number of searches is then also separately attributed to the actual search target as a secondary source. Thus, it loses great “search value” for Google and turns out to be worse.

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