Five Quality Features of Business Apps

business apps developmentFive Quality Features of Business Apps

The fact that smartphone apps have long been part of our daily lives is reflected in the increasing sales and the number of different applications. The proportion of B2B apps is enormous - already half of all mobile applications can be assigned to this area. At the same time, of course, the need for appropriate quality assurance increases.

In the past year, the industry has increasingly dealt with the topic of smartphone applications. Businesses want to use apps to get more efficient operations . Current statistics show that business apps make up the second largest segment after the smartphone games in the German Android App Store, with Apple it behaves similarly.

After all, as in private, apps can also help accelerate and centralize processes in the business environment. For example, retail orders via the app can be handled faster, easier and above all error-free. By synchronizing different devices, such as a laptop or tablet, the file management can be made much easier with a business app.

Business apps are a market with a future . Anyone who can establish himself as the industry leader here will find a huge market open to them. In the next two years, according to many analysts, B2B apps could already account for half of global mobile application revenue - and the trend is up. However, in the long run, only providers who ensure that their applications work without problems will prevail. Because unlike private users, who in case of dissatisfaction in case of doubt change within seconds to the competition app, faulty applications in the industrial environment can also mean great economic damage.

Before the market launch, every provider should therefore subject their B2B app to software testing so that it runs smoothly in the hands of business users.

The following quality characteristics should be checked before the market launch:

1. Functionality - Does everything work as intended?

2. Usability - Is the user interface of the app intuitive?

3. Security - Are sensitive customer information secure?

4. Resilience - How well does the app run under heavy load?

5. Localization - Is the content understandable across national borders?

Only if suppliers carry out essential quality checks before launching the App, they are assured of the long-term loyalty of their customers. Only then can they hope for the largest possible share of the pie of the booming market for B2B apps.
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