E-Commerce: How to Improve your Product Page

The page with the product description is about a conversion page of the online shop, which has to solve several strategic tasks at the same time:

  • bring targeted search traffic
  • Generate instant sales
  • Satisfy pent-up demand
  • Increase the average receipt amount

When you look at the conversion analysis, you can see that the benchmark of the achieved goals is low. Pay attention to the implementation of the product page: Often one can find the reasons why the business benefit is reduced here.

Structure of the page

It is recommended to divide the page into each area, always following the same and very specific logic. For example, place the area with the pictures on the left, the price and the order button on the right, the text description below and the references below. This allows the visitor to perceive the content much easier. It would be desirable for you to accommodate the most important elements within the first screen.


The title should be meaningful.

It often happens that the product name contains only a definition term such as "women's shirt" or "leather wallet", resulting in numerous non-descript titles and links appear on the website. If the identification elements (brand, model, article, color, size, etc.) are missing in the product description, it is more difficult for the user to select a specific item from the catalog list. It also suggests that the quality of the product page optimization is low - we advertise for the page with a specific search term and the H1 title should correspond to this search term. The correct name must correlate with the <Title> tag of the page and have the form as follows: "Kreola double bed with drawers for bed linen, 160х200 cm". Also, avoid giving up


The description must contain useful and detailed information.

In some cases you can only see images without accompanying text on product pages. This would be a gross error affecting both the conversion and the search engine promotion results for the site. Do not use too many keywords and attributive adjectives like unique, great, innovative, etc. in the text.

The description must be as brief and helpful as possible, answer any questions the buyer may have (for technically complex products, it is appropriate to use the respective manufacturer's description). Be sure to include the following product parameters such as ingredients, scope of delivery, types and sizes of packaging, age recommendation for children's goods, shelf life, etc. - depending on the product type. In addition to the textual description, you can attach a file with the user manual or size chart on the page or offer a video or 3d demo.


Common mistakes: price on request, discount not highlighted.

With missing price quotation on the product side or with the use of phrases like "from 100 Euro" you will definitely come to a low conversion or even a zero conversion. In the case of high competition, buyers may not be asked to obtain prices on request: they will switch to other online shops immediately, unless they are dealing with specific goods or services, the price of which is always based on certain Output data must be calculated.

If the price is "lost" within the content, it can also cause you to leave the site. The price must be directly visible: emphasize it by means of colors, layout elements or a larger font.

Another common mistake is that you do not describe the benefit to the buyer if you are granted a discount. It makes sense here to use a simple trick - to strike through the old price, visually highlight the new price and specify the amount of how much your buyer can save.


Possible errors: Product only shown from one angle, poor picture quality or very small picture.

Poor quality images can not boost sales. The buyer wants to look at the product in detail, so he would not like it if you just showed him a single-shot image or a series of lower-resolution images.

Function Sele Mente

Possible errors: Unobtrusive order button, no additional useful services that can increase the conversion.

Sometimes you do not make a purchase just for the reason that the order button is not quite clear. Example: It is located in the lower content area or has been converted as a usual hyperlink.

Some online stores do not use useful features and services that make the buyer stay longer on the site or request later return if they have also left the store without buying. This refers to the services such as "compare goods", "add to favorites", "follow price" (in case of special offers) and "inform about goods receipt". Their integration can positively influence the conversion.

Further information

Possible errors: Missing information on product availability, shipping, payment and warranty.

A good description of the product is not enough for successful sales alone. When selecting, the user also assesses how reliable and careful the seller is. Some online stores make a mistake if they do not show on the product page any information about the stock availability of the item, the cost and the time of their shipment (or that you can pick it up yourself with indication of appropriate locations). This information would occupy only a few lines, but certainly ask for purchase. It would also be helpful if you provided all possible payment methods. The icons of payment providers, which stand next to the price and the order button, would positively influence the conversion and increase customer loyalty. Do not forget your guarantees:


Possible errors: No use of up-selling and cross-selling.

Many shops can not fully unlock their potential as they disregard cross and / or additional sales (the product page does not display any merchandise that might interest the buyer). With a referral service, you can increase the average amount of bonuses by suggesting supplements, similar products, or more expensive analogs to the visitor, or increase the likelihood of buying them by displaying similar merchandise. It also happens that while you use such a recommendation service, but the goods are displayed without any logic. In this case, this procedure may not work.


Possible errors: No possibility to write a reference or comment on the product.

It often seems that references are the only way to make the content on the product page clear. Buyers' experience and feedback also helps identify the benefits and disadvantages of a product, which is important to both the shop owner and those interested in the site. The area with the references must be claimed, there are currently numerous options such as social media widgets, etc. to implement these functionalities.

Search optimization

Possible errors: No human-readable URLs are used; Title and Description are not optimized; there are no social media buttons; There is no micro award.

These flaws affect the site's ability to generate search traffic. If the internal page optimization has a poor quality, it is more difficult to get the page to first positions for the most important search terms in Google. In addition, the online store has no competitive advantage in the search result and does not distinguish between competitors because important information in the short description in the search result is missing.


It would be quite difficult to create a "sample product page" - there is no universal solution for everyone, in each case you have to consider the individual characteristics of each online store. We recommend that you review your product pages and view the product pages of your successful competitors so that you can determine whether or not to optimize the product page (s) for the purpose of increasing sales.

If you have questions, the Internet Agency ECS Professionals is always at your disposal.

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