The supply of online shops is growing more and more, as customers appreciate this convenient, fast and easy way of shopping. So that you can stand out from your competitors and your customers enjoy the uncomplicated shopping experience, we take over the conception and implementation of your individual online trade.



Automating Order Processes

Shop systems automatically process the ordering process for you, so that you can achieve a great deal of effort here.


Management Manage your complete management through your shop system. We will be happy to provide the appropriate interfaces.

Mobile Commerce

Give your customers the opportunity to shop with them on the go. Mobile-adapted systems make your online shop accessible from anywhere.

Online marketing

A positive side effect of an online shop are the manifold possibilities in the area of ​​marketing.Through targeted optimization and efficient search engine marketing you can effectively increase the sales of your online shop.

Online Stores: That's the way to act today!

The Internet is also a huge, digital department store - dominated by pioneers and market leaders such as eBay or Amazon. But even on a smaller scale, providers of all industries have almost unlimited opportunities to act. This requires, in addition to an attractive assortment, functioning and tailor-made systems. So individual eCommerce solutions that are tailored to your needs and those of your customers - and at best stand out from the crowd.

Both standardized and individually developed systems and technologies can be used. In any case, important details and criteria must be taken into account when selecting. In addition to an appealing product and offer overview, this includes, for example, an efficient workflow from order to dispatch, including reliable payment systems. The efficient integration of your assortment into your available merchandise management system can also be an important criterion.

So there are enough approaches to present a tailor-made solution after a thorough analysis of your structures, goals and competition. We develop on the basis of proven shop systems such as Magento, Shopify or OpenCart an individual online shop that will convince you in every way. Afterwards we can support you with our expertise in the reliable maintenance of the shop infrastructure or the targeted marketing of your online offers.

Manage your orders, products, payments and keep track of your customers.

Enable your customers to quickly find the product they need using simple, elegant navigation. Let your website inspire confidence and know the customer at first glance that it is a highly professional company.

  • Easy management of products, categories
  • Management of customers
  • Overview of payments and orders
  • Security for the user
  • Excellent integration with social networks
  • Overview of the best selling products
  • Possible to add promotions and special offers
  • Sort by prices and categories

Which shop system is suitable for me?

Our sound advice and a detailed evaluation of available shop software ensure that you find the right system for you and your requirements. Various factors and their significance play a decisive role in your business model. These include product variety and sales goals, structures and processes, any multilingualism and user guidance that actively supports your sales process.

The most comprehensive shop system with a certain extra - also considered from the perspective of application complexity. Modular expandable, Magento is particularly suitable for online shops with special requirements, large product turnover and enormous sales potential.

Shopify is considered to be a flexible e-commerce system with numerous functions, applications that are well tradable for administrators, and integrated merchandise management. Optimally suitable for principally rather purely for the sale of articles aligned shops.

OpenCart is focused on creating online stores, placing products in them with different delivery and payment options. Is free software. In OpenCart, optimized search allows pages to be indexed in all major search engines and includes support for custom meta tag products and categories.

Unique e-commerce solutions

We offer a unique design, unique e-commerce solutions and proven platforms for online shops that are SEO, mobile and user friendly. Our system offers complete control, detailed reports and protection. The Internet has become the most visited global market with no limits.

Multilingual variants that allow customers from all over the world easy handling. Offer your products to the whole world.