We ensure measurable success on the internet.

With no other medium, you can reach as many people around the world as you can with the Internet, and you can calculate your effort so well. The prerequisite for measurable success is a clear definition of the goals of your internet presence. We stand by your side as an experienced and competent partner. Web pages can be created in a virtually unlimited variety: Online appearances can give a visually optimal impression of your company through a target-group-oriented platform, communicate information about corporate activities and offered brands through a content-well-prepared and clearly structured platform, or through an extremely user-friendly shop with simple navigation and manageable number of subpages help sell more products or services over the Internet.

On the basis of the formulated requirements, we develop together with you the concrete content structure of the online presence. Then we design the website on the basis of the defined uniform appearance of the company (corporate design). We combine the forms, colors, fonts and images recommended to create an expressive unit and supplement it, if necessary, with multimedia elements such as sound or music recordings, video films or animations.

Depending on the scope of the contract and the respective requirements, we use different systems: From the professional HTML Internet presence with emotionally appealing design to complex content management systems (CMS) with a wealth of up-to-date company information to user-friendly shop portals, the desire for Buying - we create the desired online presence in the highest quality.

The design and programming in a house results in numerous advantages such as short voting paths and a corresponding design of print and online products. Since we offer all the services required from a single source, we can respond faster to customer requests and effectively work across media.


"Responsive Web Design" means "responsive" or figuratively "responsive" web design. A website programmed with this technology responds to the screen resolution of the respective device. The structure, navigation and content elements of the website automatically adapt to the screen on which the website is viewed.

This means that a responsive web design website will automatically show itself perfectly on all devices , on large desktop screens as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Responsive web design is not just a trend, but the present and future of modern web design. Sales of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are booming. We're seeing more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop devices on many websites. If non-responsive design is used, a separate web site would need to be created for the mobile devices. This means twice the effort for content editing and maintenance.

The biggest advantage of Responsive Web Design is therefore the reduced maintenance effort in addition to the automatic content adjustment . If the technique is used correctly, the result is a much higher sustainability and future security than classic web design, because "responsive" websites are well equipped for future, new screen resolutions.

We make your website suitable for mobile phones and tablets with responsive design. Your mobile visitors will be as happy as Google.


The requirements for online shop design are even higher today than in normal web design. The competition in e-commerce is huge, and factors such as high usability, accessibility of mobile devices, modern design, fast load times, excellent search engine optimization and the possibilities for actions and further marketing measures are crucial to the success or failure of an e-shop.

We advise you on the selection of suitable shop software according to your requirements. Then we will design, design and program your online shop and optimize it for search engines. Upon request, we seamlessly integrate your shop into an existing or new content website.

Of course, we also work in the development of online shops with "Responsive Web Design" for perfect presentation on all devices, including tablets and smartphones.


Visual Power: what design does?

If something strikes us and appeals to us, we remember that. The moment we need the products and services behind a brand, we fall back on the memory. Positive experiences with a brand create trust and thus a long-term commitment to your customers. A memorable corporate design is the passport photo, which your customers carry with them from their brand and rejoice whenever they rediscover and look at it.

The corporate design of a brand is anchored in the minds of your customers in the long run. This anchoring is also conditioned by repetition. Therefore, it is important that a corporate design is applied stringently and looks the same everywhere and follows the same design laws. The design represents your brand across all communication channels: from print to online to other information carriers such as clothing or exhibition stands.

The corporate design is the visualization of a corporate identity, the corporate identity. In terms of colors and shapes, essential characteristics of a brand become apparent. The individual elements of a design have their own effect, which they automatically develop in humans. For example, colors are assigned specific meanings, a round typography creates a different mood than a square one, circles convey information other than squares.

All this has to be considered in the creation of a corporate design. That's why the first step before the graphic design is the profound examination of your company or your brand - your corporate identity. What does the brand stand for? Which values ​​should she convey? Is it a luxury item or is it moving in the mid-priced segment? Which industry does it belong to? Technologically sophisticated products receive a different visual dress than plush toys for children.

Closely linked to the creative idea is the strategy behind a brand. A corporate design must meet the long-term corporate goals and promote them. That's why, in addition to the essence of the brand, we also look at its future.

A good corporate design also gives a brand a unique selling point visually. Products or services rarely have a unique selling point (USP) in the highly competitive market today. In most cases, they appear alongside competitors who barely differentiate themselves in the principle of their offer. The design can be the decisive point here: it can clearly distinguish the brand image from that of the others.

Corporate Design: crossmedial gedacht

As different as the components of a design may be, the overarching goal is decisive: the creation of a uniform appearance across all communication channels.

The name

The centerpiece is the company or brand name. Its sound has to be good in the ears and should evoke associations that give the listener an impulse to act - and if it is only the longing to simply taste the chocolaty-sounding praline. Brand names should be easy to memorize. The obvious is not always the best here - the Meier Schulze GmbH can also get a name that more clearly reflects the unique selling point of the company.

The logo

Just as important as the name is the associated logo: a sign that looks like unmistakable marks in the sand. On the one hand, a brand can be immediately recognized by the logo and, on the other hand, brands can be very present even where it is not about them - just think about the logo placement in sponsoring or something similar. The sign of a brand unites the various facets of the underlying corporate identity. Colors, shapes and typography tell a story in advance, without knowing exactly what is actually behind the logo.

The brand promise

The lure of a brand is reinforced by a short, concise brand promise, the so-called claim. It tells people what they can expect from the brand and what enrichment it is for the life of the individual. In this way, the claim directly answers the needs of the addressed target group: whoever seeks joy, will get it here. Who puts emphasis on sustainability, is right with us. The top priority for the claim is emotional conciseness.

The style guide

All design elements are subject to well-defined framework conditions and are recorded in a style guide or manual: this clearly specifies how the individual components of the corporate design can be used in different applications. Accordingly, the creation of the design follows not only the varieties of the print, but also the rules of the online world and all other communication spaces in which a brand can move.


Time is even faster than usual on the Internet. A website redesign is necessary when your website is aging and no longer meets current presentation and marketing requirements.

If you answer "no" to one or more of the following questions, it's time to consider redesigning a website:

  • Are you satisfied with the number of visitors, prospects and customers attracting your website?
  • Is your website showing up on smartphones and tablets as well as on large desktop screens with "responsive design"?
  • Does the design of your website meet the modern demands of your target group?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines like Google with corresponding top rankings in the search results?
  • Do you use the possibility to process your web contents independently in a "CMS"?
  • Is your website based on future-proof open source software instead of a proprietary solution?

Contact us for any questions about your website redesign .