CMS vs. Construction Site

Expert web agency ECS Professionals has long been engaged in programming and developing websites and still works with HTML and CMS, PHP or ASP-codes. They can create both static and dynamic websites, but this approach is obsolete. At present, there is no sense in programming the site from scratch.

Content Management Systeme

There are numerous tools, frameworks (code libraries) and content management systems that we, web developers, can use. CMS are free software that you can develop yourself and change the code yourself. If a CMS can not do some things, it can quickly become a plugin or module. The templates are created by a frontend developer in HTML and CSS.

Realizing a website with CMS, individualizing it and expanding it with various plugins and modules requires know-how. But after the completion of the website, the texts and images without programming knowledge can be changed.

WordPress or Joomla are the popular content management systems that offer different possibilities and functions. The system with which a website is implemented depends on the requirements of the website.

Website Builder or Home page cabinets

Website builders or home builders are a great alternative to creating a simple website without know-how. This eliminates the installation, setup, configuration of the CMS and template development. For beginners, the homepage kits offer an easy-to-use interface. With a homepage building kit, the frustration potential is reduced to a minimum and the start-ups can concentrate on the essential: on their business and their goals.

The modular systems are only suitable for smaller projects and a rather inexperienced target group. You are not flexibl e and templates (templates) limited. However, they are a suitable solution for project teams and start-ups who need to cost-effectively build a website.

There are many offers but not all are at the same level of quality and some offer more or different functions than others. It is therefore worthwhile to try different providers, compare and then decide.

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