5 tips to increase e-commerce sales during the Christmas season

The temperature is getting colder, decorated everywhere - it can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming! And with the Christmas season begins the time of numerous marketing campaigns. From special offers for discounts to colorful flyers, etc. Find a wide variety of application strategies. Digital sales can also be increased at this time, which will allow online stores to benefit from this time and increase e-commerce revenues with a few simple but very effective marketing campaigns.

1. Create a Christmas landing page

On the landing page, highlight the specific products or categories for which you are creating special offers for Christmas. Add links or snippets of relevant blog articles or other content that will increase the value of your users and increase user interest. Be sure to create a quality page - you will win if you run search engine advertising (see the next paragraph).

ECS PROFESSIONALS AGENCY2. Use your marketing channels

If you use the right channels, you can relatively easily increase your sales in e-commerce. These include:

a. E-mail marketing:

Create a campaign that will lead to your Christmas landing page. Schedule sending emails so that they are sent at regular intervals before the sale starts, in order to interest consumers. Send the final email shortly before launch.

b. Google Ads:

If you create a quality landing page with your Christmas offers, you usually get a higher quality score. The higher the quality score, the lower your bids for highly competitive keywords.

c. Advertising in social networks:

Pinterest, as well as Facebook and Twitter are particularly suitable for advertising Christmas offers. These social networking platforms are at the top of the list because they have the most users and are visually most attractive. Create attractive GIFs and target your audience.

3. Pay attention to the speed of your site page

There is nothing more annoying than a slow site. During periods of high demand from customers and the associated large number of users, this is the most important point that you should keep in mind. To make sure everything works smoothly for your users, ask your website visitors to get direct feedback.

4. Transfer your customers to the right side.

If you manage an online store and have your own database of regular customers, these regular customers usually get to your homepage first, and there they are already looking for discounts and offers. Therefore, make immediately on the start page advertising banners, so that the visitor was aware of your Christmas offers.

5. Stay transparent

Especially during Christmas, when many orders arrive at the same time, it is difficult to deliver all orders in one day. And this is what your customers know! But you must already indicate this during the order process. And not only in the form of small fonts, but best of all from the footer, which clearly indicates possible delivery delays. You will find that although you may not receive multiple orders, those that you receive will come from customers who were more satisfied from the outset.

Get active right now and use our tips to increase online sales. We will advise you on online marketing measures and much more , contact our team, we will contact you immediately!

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